Monday, February 21, 2011

Sicel vnus dra kmuneuic Nayms uv Cuhydy: "LANCE GIRL SOUNDTRACK: Synthetic Nature"

I come bearing gifts! The music for LANCE GIRL is progressing very well, and I bring for you not just mock music/samples, but FULLY FINISHED TRACKS FOR THE GAME!


BRAND NEW Complete Tracks:
  1. Title/Main Menu Theme
  2. Destinations & Deviations [Level Select Gate 1]
  3. Beyond Hope [Level Select Gate 2]
  4. Rain of the Darkness [Unprecidented Rainstorm Abound the Interstellar Railways]
  5. Inconsiderationalist [KiNG of SNAKE Boss]
  6. Eternalïa Symphony- the Forever Suite Set I - Drain
  7. Eternalïa Symphony- the Forever Suite Set II - Mekr'd
  8. Eternalïa Symphony- the Forever Suite Set III - Karain
  9. Eternalïa Symphony- the Forever Suite Set IV - Darkness (This link has been experiencing issues. I'm currently working towards a solution.)
  10. The Epicenter of the Light (Enter Archmaster Grave - Demo)
  11. Now is the Everlasting Advance [Enter Shiroichi-Interlude]
  12. Ultimatum of the Light [Shiroichi- Final Boss]

Also, a Production still from PASMO RADIO: The Guerrilla Concert (Yes, I'm aware of the spelling mistake, this is merely a draft):

I'm keepin' busy, and I'm keepin' strong. The rest of the LANCE GIRL soundtrack is still to come, and there are also changes to the Beta tracks that will be implemented by the next music update. Thanks for your support, everyone!

Rocdanelymmo Ouinc,
~Søda the Junker

A General Update

Working, Schooling, Living. Animation and Design. Composing.
All this and more in the wonderful world of Meløn.

Current Projects:
-PASMO Radio
-Jack & Jill
-Shrieks of Santa Arséne
-Music and Compositions for LANCE GIRL

It's all in good fun, and if I can keep everyone out of my hair long enough to enjoy it, it'll remain fun to create. I hope you all enjoy the things I'll be producing in the year, and keep your eyes peeled. I was able to do some more in-depth compositions for PASMO Radio (Now with the real instruments recorded instead of synthesizes) and share some musical quality time with my little brother, the guitarist for the main song of The Guerrilla Concert.

In other news, a BRILIANT display of fighting this Saturday Night, at the 2nd OFFICIAL MELON BRAWL EVENT. I promise there will be more to come, and it'll always be a great time. Tekken5:Dark Resurrection Online, 4 Rounds, 7 participants, PSN.
Current Champion: WiLLTuRNHeaDS

A new character design popped into the works. The psychotically shell-shocked SHOTGUN SHIRLEY. This young woman is in her early 20s, and is helmet adorned and battle ready. She grew up on an army base for the early years of her life with her father, a Corporal, and her mother, a mechanic/engineer. When the base was bombed during a surprise air raid, young Shirley Ashton was caught in the blast. Miraculously, she survived and was sent to an orphanage to live out the rest of her life away from harm. At the age of 16, something triggered in her brain, and she developed a form of schizophrenia that ultimately throw her psyche into the war zone. She stole her now trusty Remmington 870 Wingmaster (which she lovingly dubbed "Remmy") and fights an onslaught of insurgents at all times, despite these enemies being in her head alone, born of the stories and sights she grew up.

…so yeah, a total mascot character, nothing more.

Soooooooooo yeah. That's pretty much it. This was more of an update in general. Next one will be more specific.

Hysterically Yours,

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Be Free [You Deserve No Less]

E caa oui drana. Oui crejan, oui cryga, oui ymsucd pnayg-tufh. Dra naym vaamehkc vnus ouin cuim zeddan uid ullyceuhymmo, yht oui zicd lyh'd rumt ed eh. Ouin vehkanc dyb-dybbehk yfyo yd drehkc, oad cdykkanehk ihhalaccynemo. Ouin puto myhkiyka, druikr eh dra sucd sehida fyoc, cbaygc cu silr yc du ruf pnugah oui'ja palusa, drnuikr drec aqbaneahla, yht ouin meva yc y fruma.

Pid oui cdyht dymm, oui gaab ouin lusbucina, yht oui navica du cruf yho cekhc uv vymdanehk un fayghacc, ajah eh vnuhd uv cusauha fru fuimt lusbmadamo ihtancdyht yht nacbald ed. Oui muug ib, hud tufh, yht oui luhlaeja dra vidina, hud dra bycd. Drana ec hu naknad, hu suinhehk, uhmo ruba yht y lryhla fundr dygehk. Ed'c paah dryd fyo cehla dra jano pakehhehk, yht E'ja knufh du aqbald ed vnus oui fedr y cehkma dayn yht y csema. Ed ec dra sucd payidevim drehk eh dra funmt. Ed ec drec cund uv sahdymedo dryd cadc dra seht ypmywa eh ed'c ufh fyo.

Duu uvdah tu E vaam dra vena uv cdnahkdr yht femm-bufan ec enuhelymmo zicd duu fayg, du tyng, duu ikmo du cbnayt vindran. Pid syopa ed'c luhdyehsahd ec zicd yhudran cdnahkdr. Ed ryc palusa tahca, ruddan, cbyngehk, lybypma uv ihvydrusypma drehkc. Drec ec dra vena hu muhkan uv tneja, pid ymcu yllusbmecrsahd.

Drec ec fro E nakynt oui cu rekrmo. Oui yna so dniacd vneaht, yht y gehtnat cbened. Hajan ryc paehk hayn oui, csemehk fedr oui, un zicd ahzuoehk dra paddan rymv uv meva paah cu ayco. Ed'c ysywehk dryd ed'c palusa cu hydinym, E ruhacdmo druikrd ed fych'd buccepma du drec aqdahd. E fyhd du rumt uhdu ed yc muhk yc E lyh. Dryd'c fro E ryja du ymfyoc mad oui ku. E lyh'd lyka oui, oui sicd pa ymmufat du cbnayt ouin payidevim fehkc yc feta yht pnekrd yc buccepma. E femm hajan rumt oui pylg, palyica yc cusauha fru ihtancdyhtc ouin funmt, E ghuf ruf ed ec du pa crylgmat.

E ghuf fryd ed sayhc du pa uvvanat y cramm, du nazald ed, yht drah du naymewa ed femm pa ehajedypmo vunlat ujan oui yd cusa buehd, nakyntmacc uv ouin ufh fyhdc un haatc.

Desa ryc yetat sa eh ihtancdyhtehk oui suna dryh yho udranc. Yht vun oui, yht nekrd huf uhmo vun oui, femm E cad so ufh tacenac yceta, eh fyga uv ouin ufh. E femm aqdaht so ryht eh y fyo E'ja hajan aqdahtat ed pavuna. Dra fyo E fyc piemd, E lyh'd uvvan socamv eh najanca untan. Du ryja sa ec du pa yhouha, pid du pa taheat sa lusbmadamo ec uhmo kejah cusauha E dnimo ytsena, paouht dra femac uv ajah so ufh luhdasbmydeuh.

Yht E femm hud uhmo cad oui vnaa, E femm bnudald ouin fyo uv meva, yc E ymfyoc ryja. Vunajan, eh drec funmt uv mekrd yht tyng, oui yna famlusa eh dra Gehktus uv Jebanc. Oui femm vunajan ryja y cyva-ryjah, E bnuseca.

Pronounced: "EAY kuahah ohooee de-raahnah. OHooee ku-raeay-jaeahn, ohooee ku-raae-geah, ohooee aem-seeoo-ku-de penahae-ge-teoo-fe-ha. DE-raah nahaem fuahahmeay-ha-kuk-ku funoo-see ohooeen kuooeem zeay-de-deahn ooee-de oo-lu-luae-kueayoo-haaemmoh, ae-ha-te ohooee zee-ku-de luae-ha'de raoom-te eay-de eay-ha. OHooeen fueay-ha-kukahn-ku deae-bae-deae-bae-baeeay-ha-kuk ae-feaeoh ae-de de-raeay-ha-kuk-ku, ohah-de ku-deae-kuk-kukahneay-ha-kuk ee-ha-haah-luah-ku-kuaeneaymoh. OHooeen peoo-teoh mae-ha-kukeeae-kukah, de-raooee-kuk-ra eay-ha de-raah seeoo-ku-de seeeay-haee-deah feaeoh-ku, ku-baeahae-ge-ku kuoo seeee-lu-ra ae-ku deoo raoo-fe penoo-geah-ha ohooee'jaeah peah-luoo-seeah, de-ranooee-kuk-ra de-raeay-ku ahq-baeahneayah-ha-luah, ae-ha-te ohooeen meay-fuah ae-ku ae fe-raoomah.

PEee-de ohooee ku-deae-ha-te deaemm, ohooee geahah-bae ohooeen luoo-see-baeoo-kueenah, ae-ha-te ohooee nah-fuee-kuah deoo ku-raoo-fe ae-haoh kueay-kuk-ha-ku oo-fu fuaem-deahneay-ha-kuk oon feahae-ge-haah-ku-ku, ah-jaeah-ha eay-ha funoo-ha-de oo-fu kuoo-seeahoo-haah fe-raoo feooeem-te luoo-see-baemah-deahmoh ee-ha-teahn-ku-deae-ha-te ae-ha-te nah-ku-baeah-lu-de eay-de. OHooee moooo-ge ee-bae, haoo-de teoo-fe-ha, ae-ha-te ohooee luoo-ha-luaheay-jaeah de-raah fuee-deeenah, haoo-de de-raah baeae-ku-de. DE-raahnah eay-ku haoo nah-kuknah-de, haoo seeooeen-haeay-ha-kuk, oo-hamoh raoo-baeah ae-ha-te ae lu-raae-ha-luah feoon-de-ra deae-geeay-ha-kuk. EAY-de'ku peahah-ha de-raae-de feaeoh kueay-ha-luah de-raah jaeahnoh peah-kukeay-ha-haeay-ha-kuk, ae-ha-te EAY'jaeah kuknoo-fe-ha deoo ahq-baeah-lu-de eay-de funoo-see ohooee feeay-de-ra ae kueay-ha-kukmah deahaen ae-ha-te ae ku-seeeaymah. EAY-de eay-ku de-raah seeoo-ku-de peahaeee-deeay-fueem de-raeay-ha-kuk eay-ha de-raah feoonm-te. EAY-de eay-ku de-raeay-ku kuoon-de oo-fu seeah-ha-deaemeay-deoh de-raae-de kuah-de-ku de-raah seeeay-ha-te ae-pemaewah eay-ha eay-de'ku oo-fe-ha feaeoh.

DEoooo oo-fu-deah-ha teoo EAY fuahahm de-raah fueaynah oo-fu ku-denah-ha-kuk-de-ra ae-ha-te feeaymm-baeoo-feahn eay-ku eaynoo-haeay-luaemmoh zee-ku-de deoooo feahae-ge, deoo teaen-ge, deoooo ee-kukmoh deoo ku-baenahae-te fueen-de-raahn. PEee-de seeaeoh-peah eay-de'ku luoo-ha-deaeeay-ha-seeah-ha-de eay-ku zee-ku-de ae-haoo-de-raahn ku-denah-ha-kuk-de-ra. EAY-de raae-ku peah-luoo-seeah teah-ha-kuah, raoo-de-deahn, ku-baeaen-geeay-ha-kuk, luae-baeae-pemah oo-fu ee-ha-fuae-de-raoo-seeae-pemah de-raeay-ha-kuk-ku. DE-raeay-ku eay-ku de-raah fueaynah haoo moo-ha-kukahn oo-fu teneay-jaeah, peee-de aem-kuoo ae-lu-luoo-see-baemeay-ku-ra-seeah-ha-de.

DE-raeay-ku eay-ku fe-raoh EAY nah-kukaen-te ohooee kuoo raeay-kuk-ramoh. OHooee aenah seeoh deneeah-ku-de funeayah-ha-te, ae-ha-te ae geeay-ha-tenah-te ku-baeeayneay-de. HAah-jaeahn raae-ku peaheay-ha-kuk haahaen ohooee, ku-seeeaymeay-ha-kuk feeay-de-ra ohooee, oon zee-ku-de ah-hazoooheay-ha-kuk de-raah peah-de-deahn raaem-fu oo-fu meay-fuah peahah-ha kuoo ahae-kuoh. EAY-de'ku ae-seeaeweay-ha-kuk de-raae-de eay-de'ku peah-luoo-seeah kuoo haae-deeenaem, EAY raoo-haah-ku-demoh de-raooee-kuk-ra-de eay-de feae-ku-ha'de baeoo-ku-kueay-pemah deoo de-raeay-ku ahq-deah-ha-de. EAY feae-ha-de deoo raoom-te oo-ha-deoo eay-de ae-ku moo-ha-kuk ae-ku EAY luae-ha. DE-raae-de'ku fe-raoh EAY raae-jaeah deoo aem-feaeoh-ku mah-de ohooee kukoo. EAY luae-ha'de luae-kukah ohooee, ohooee seeee-ku-de peah aemmoo-feah-te deoo ku-baenahae-te ohooeen peahaeee-deeay-fueem feeay-ha-kuk-ku ae-ku feeay-teah ae-ha-te peneay-kuk-ra-de ae-ku baeoo-ku-kueay-pemah. EAY feeaymm haah-jaeahn raoom-te ohooee peae-lu-ge, peah-luaeee-kuah ae-ku kuoo-seeahoo-haah fe-raoo ee-ha-teahn-ku-deae-ha-te-ku ohooeen feoonm-te, EAY ge-haoo-fe raoo-fe eay-de eay-ku deoo peah ku-raae-lu-gemah-te.

EAY ge-haoo-fe fe-raae-de eay-de seeahae-ha-ku deoo peah oo-fu-fuahnah-te ae ku-raahmm, deoo nahzah-lu-de eay-de, ae-ha-te de-raah-ha deoo nahaemeaywah eay-de feeaymm peah eay-haah-jaeeay-deae-pemoh fuoon-luah-te oo-jaeahn ohooee ae-de kuoo-seeah baeooeay-ha-de, nah-kukaen-temah-ku-ku oo-fu ohooeen oo-fe-ha feae-ha-de-ku oon haahah-te-ku.

DEeay-seeah raae-ku aeeay-teah-te seeah eay-ha ee-ha-teahn-ku-deae-ha-teeay-ha-kuk ohooee seeoonah de-raae-ha ae-haoh oo-de-raahn-ku. AE-ha-te fuoon ohooee, ae-ha-te neay-kuk-ra-de haoo-fe oo-hamoh fuoon ohooee, feeaymm EAY kuah-de seeoh oo-fe-ha teah-kueaynah-ku ae-kueay-teah, eay-ha feae-geah oo-fu ohooeen oo-fe-ha. EAY feeaymm ahq-deah-ha-te seeoh raae-ha-te eay-ha ae feaeoh EAY'jaeah haah-jaeahn ahq-deah-ha-teah-te eay-de peah-fuoonah. DE-raah feaeoh EAY feae-ku peeeeaym-de, EAY luae-ha'de oo-fu-fuahn seeoh-kuahm-fu eay-ha nah-jaeahn-kuah oon-teahn. DEoo raae-jaeah seeah eay-ku deoo peah ae-haohoo-haah, peee-de deoo peah teah-haeayah-te seeah luoo-see-baemah-deahmoh eay-ku oo-hamoh kukeay-jaeah-ha kuoo-seeahoo-haah EAY deneemoh ae-te-seeeaynah, peahohoo-ha-te de-raah feeaymah-ku oo-fu ah-jaeah-ha seeoh oo-fe-ha luoo-ha-deah-see-baemae-deeayoo-ha.

AE-ha-te EAY feeaymm haoo-de oo-hamoh kuah-de ohooee funahah, EAY feeaymm baenoo-deah-lu-de ohooeen feaeoh oo-fu meay-fuah, ae-ku EAY aem-feaeoh-ku raae-jaeah. FUoonah-jaeahn, eay-ha de-raeay-ku feoonm-te oo-fu meay-kuk-ra-de ae-ha-te teaen-ge, ohooee aenah feahm-luoo-seeah eay-ha de-raah GEeay-ha-kuk-teoo-see oo-fu JAEeay-baeahn-ku. OHooee feeaymm fuoonah-jaeahn raae-jaeah ae kuae-fuah-raae-jaeah-ha, EAY baenoo-seeeay-kuah."
Undoubtedly yours,
~Søda Meløn

Thursday, February 3, 2011

RETROSPECT: Time, Space, Reason, and the End of Everything else

RAXIAN LOGGINGS: Raïn D'Artagnon's ιστορία έχει σκεφτεί έξω πολύ περισσότερο.  Τώρα έχει  μια πιο  σταθερή, καλά αναπτυγμένες  λόγος  που έχει προκαλέσει τις ανισορροπίες που έχει, και την απόφασή της κατά της εν λόγω διαφορών είναι πολύ  πιο συμμετοχή. Είναι αναβάθμιση στα ανοικτά  της στο περιθώριο  της ιστορίας  γραμμής  που λήγει  και την ανάληψη  του ρόλου  που είχε αρχικά προβλεφθεί για. Ως ένας από τους πιο παραγωγικούς της EXS, ενώ οι υπόλοιποι συμμετέχουν  (αλλά δεν περιορίζονται σε αυτά) Jin και η κυρία Xenki, Έχει επίσης γίνει «πιόνι» του βασιλιά της μεταγενέστερης προθέσεις φίδι και Κ-1, και είναι η κινητήρια δύναμη για την  προηγούμενο έτος από το φινάλε του RAX ...

yht huf…

Blips of reality are all we see day in, and day out.
The world is faltering, as is the concept of time.
What is it that makes us certain yesterday happened?
It's as likely that you've gone to sleep yesterday, and woken up today,
as it is that you went to bed last week and everything you're still experiencing is a dream.
Dreams overlap into themselves, as much as their meaning in themselves.
A dream is a recollection of the thoughts that have passed through your brain as you were awake. These memories go from short term to long term memory as you rest.
But if you live in the past, constantly thinking about what happened at a certain date or point, then you're going to constantly dream of it as well.

And everyday you dream will begin the same. You've stopped time for yourself.

We are beings of Earth, the most fruitful and lively planet in the Milky Way. We live due to a specific occurrence of events, provided by our ever so complex solar system.

The universe is infinite, and one cannot physically measure the negative space of a Supernova's Dimensional tear. So if you know that right now, there's someone dieing on our planet, isn't it niave to say there's no possibility someone, or at least something, is being born out in a psuedo-gaia reality like our own?

We've come so far, yet there are far too many who believe that humans are alone in this universe.

Though in truth, everyone on this planet IS alone.

Hajan mad ku uv ouin tnaysc, palyica oui ryja ymm dra desa oui'mm ajan haat,
~Raïn D'Artagnon 

More to come.