Wednesday, April 27, 2011

[NAVIGATOR] - Puzzle Gaming with a New Twist

Before I get into it, here's the download link for the Current Beta (v1.0). Please Read the "README" file before you boot it up. Also, it only runs on PC, mac version is currently not available (though that is liable to change):

[NAVIGATOR] - Beta Demo (v1.1)
So, as many of you may be aware, I've been offered the opportunity to work with the PixelxCore Community on their latest project, [NAVIGATOR]. This wouldn't really be any HUGE surprise, since I've been interlaced with the PixelxCore crowd for some time (in fact, LANCE GIRL is going to be built through them, with luck). But, what you all may not have expected is this isn't a Character Design gig…

I'm the composer.

Dusting off all those years of musical training and love that honestly don't get enough practice in the visual art world outside of metaphors, I've been asked by project Director (and personal friend) Tyvon "Alpha Six" Thomas to take on the task of filling this lively game with tunes to match. So far, I'm met with good reception, so I hope to deliver more joy when the rest of the tracks come. Music will always be one of the most important things in my world, regardless of what else I decide to produce with time.

If you're interested in what this game will look or play-like before you download and see for yourself, here's a quick gameplay teaser:

I'll be seeing you all on the flip. I keep putting of more relaxed or personal updates, I know, but I just like to share my work and what's going on in my life productively.


Hysterically Yours,
~Søda Meløn

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

[Unnamed Project #3] - Scenario setup

This is how the series will start. More to follow, I guess. This was a conversation between yours truly, and my best compadré, Tanooki (OSM).

8:51:14 PM Søda Can: okay
8:51:20 PM Søda Can: my next piece
8:51:39 PM Søda Can: I must be fucking insane, but I'm adding this to my vision board
8:51:45 PM Søda Can: ready?
8:52:34 PM OSM: ok
8:55:59 PM Søda Can: brace yourself for this
8:56:17 PM Søda Can: average guy
8:56:41 PM Søda Can: urban environment, normal desk job
8:56:53 PM Søda Can: lives alone in his apartment
8:56:58 PM Søda Can: maybe a dog or cat
8:57:24 PM Søda Can: 1 day meets a mysterious woman
8:57:54 PM Søda Can: very attractive, maybe around 19-21
8:57:59 PM Søda Can: the guys about 23
8:58:10 PM Søda Can: no 21-23
8:58:40 PM Søda Can: they meet at a bar, she seems out of it, so they share a couple drinks
8:59:09 PM Søda Can: she's very ill-responsive to him, so he goes on about pencil pushing and how mediocre his life is
8:59:56 PM Søda Can: then after about an hour or so, she finally looks him dead in the eyes and smiles
9:00:50 PM Søda Can: next that follows is a montage of her forcing him into his car, into his hotel room, you here the dog yelp and then lights out
9:01:17 PM OSM: jtdtstrdrjh
9:09:36 PM Søda Can: sorry, had a phone call
9:09:38 PM Søda Can: alright
9:09:39 PM Søda Can: so
9:09:42 PM Søda Can: that happens
9:10:14 PM Søda Can: next morning, the sun shines through his window and wakes him up
9:10:52 PM Søda Can: he groggily looks around, and he sees clothes all over the room, the woman's lingerie strewn everywhere, etc.
9:11:19 PM Søda Can: but she's nowhere to be found
9:12:29 PM Søda Can: so he just gets up and gets ready for work like normal
9:12:37 PM Søda Can: following?
9:13:59 PM OSM: yea
9:14:09 PM Søda Can: cool
9:14:59 PM Søda Can: so he goes, brushes his teeth, showers, eats breakfast all that
9:15:07 PM Søda Can: but when he goes to his drawes…
9:15:08 PM Søda Can: NOTHING
9:15:13 PM Søda Can: no clothes at all
9:15:23 PM Søda Can: goes to his closet
9:15:24 PM Søda Can: NOTHING
9:15:45 PM Søda Can: so he starts freaking out
9:15:58 PM Søda Can: he doesn't even have anything in his laundry basket
9:16:28 PM OSM: LOL
9:16:41 PM Søda Can: only clothing articles in the room are the womans
9:16:58 PM Søda Can: and ironically, when he looks under the bed, what he sees
9:17:13 PM Søda Can: is a suitcase filled with more women's clothing
9:17:58 PM Søda Can: confused as all hell, he remembers he had a suit in the dry cleaners, so he drives over in his robe and boxers and picks em up
9:19:41 PM OSM: go on
9:21:16 PM Søda Can: work goes normal for the most part, until his boss calls a surprise conference
9:22:05 PM Søda Can: a coworker walks up, guys also his best friend, "Al"
9:22:25 PM Søda Can: (he'll be a homage to my character Altarus from RAX)
9:22:58 PM Søda Can: "Boss is a bit more excited than usua-"
9:23:06 PM Søda Can: *looks at MC
9:23:33 PM Søda Can: "and you're a bit more shaken than usual, what's up?"
9:24:24 PM Søda Can: so he explains the morning on the way to a the conference, but his voice starts cracking
9:24:44 PM Søda Can: almost like puberty, I guess?
9:25:21 PM OSM: go on
9:27:07 PM Søda Can: so he goes to the meeting, sales and stocks and shit, usual game
9:27:50 PM Søda Can: and when our lead guy is asked what his plan is, he begins explaining, but the cracking gets worse
9:28:19 PM Søda Can: to the point where there's one glass shattering sound randomly, and then he loses his voice
9:28:59 PM Søda Can: He directs Al to take over frantically and is excused to the bathroom to get some water
9:30:18 PM Søda Can: he goes to the bathroom, and looks in the mirror
9:30:33 PM Søda Can: he looks a little tired, but not too bad really
9:31:15 PM Søda Can: he feels his throat, and starts feeling a little weirded out
9:31:31 PM Søda Can: …he can't feel his adam's apple
9:32:49 PM Søda Can: so he starts chugging water, cuz he must just have a cold or there's something in his throat, right?
9:33:15 PM Søda Can: no dice, so he runs to the dining hall
9:34:07 PM OSM: right
9:34:25 PM Søda Can: gets some tobassco, tamales, habeneros
9:34:35 PM Søda Can: anything to just burn his throat
9:34:54 PM Søda Can: he implodes, as expected
9:35:21 PM Søda Can: but when it all subsides, he feels his throats fine, so he goes back to his cubicle
9:35:43 PM Søda Can: Al asks if he's alright, he waves him off saying there's no trouble
9:37:17 PM OSM: right
9:37:20 PM Søda Can: Al: "Good, cuz you know tonight's Francine's party
9:37:50 PM Søda Can: *birthday
9:37:51 PM Søda Can: and you're supposed to bring the cake"
9:38:03 PM Søda Can: he remembers, says he's on it
9:38:40 PM Søda Can: Francine will be a homage to Fanchiko[Phantom] from DiCE
9:38:58 PM Søda Can: and she's also a survivor in Scream Shooter
9:40:18 PM Søda Can: our main character is actually somewhat interested in Francine romantically
9:41:44 PM Søda Can: so he goes out, buys some nice clothes, picks up the cake, and heads out, forgetting all the weirdness from the morning
9:42:18 PM Søda Can: the party is packed, a smash hit
9:43:24 PM Søda Can: and as it cools down, he approaches Fran and asks her out
9:44:11 PM Søda Can: she accepts, telling him she's been interesed in him as well and was just waiting for him to ask
9:45:35 PM Søda Can: she starts to go on about how this was the best birthday ever, and as she talks she has the trademark Phantom smile, cheshire catesque and all
9:46:07 PM Søda Can: but then Al starts to hear some really weird grumbles in his stomach
9:46:24 PM Søda Can: almost like a stomach ache, but more violent perhaps
9:47:07 PM Søda Can: she asks him if he's alright, but he states he's eaten too much cake probably and should head home
9:47:32 PM Søda Can: they plan to meet up this weekend for lunch
9:47:44 PM Søda Can: he gets in the car, drives home
9:48:38 PM Søda Can: on the way, he starts jittering, and his throat starts to feel weird again
9:48:44 PM Søda Can: he's sweating profusely
9:49:50 PM Søda Can: and then he checks his mirror, revealing his face to be exceedingly pale.
9:50:04 PM Søda Can: THEN BAM
9:50:15 PM Søda Can: He hits something with his car
9:50:52 PM Søda Can: gets out to check it, it's quiet out, nighttime, he's still jittery and squirmy but walks over to look in front
9:51:07 PM Søda Can: what's he see?
9:51:25 PM Søda Can: the woman from the other night, wearing his clothes
9:51:50 PM Søda Can: you can imagine how mind fucked he is right now
9:52:27 PM Søda Can: but he is at least considerate enough to check her body
9:53:15 PM Søda Can: she's unconscious, but not dead, on abrasion on her forehead has some blood at most
9:53:27 PM Søda Can: he takes her and puts her in the backseat
9:54:07 PM Søda Can: he drives to the side of the road, and treats her wound, but as he finishes, he starts having flashes and passes out in the car
9:54:23 PM Søda Can: you still following?
9:54:38 PM Søda Can: just gotta check
9:55:42 PM OSM: yes
9:56:23 PM Søda Can: cool
9:57:41 PM Søda Can: so it's morning again, he wakes up in the back of the car, which is odd because he crashed in the front seat
9:58:46 PM Søda Can: when he looks out the front window, he sees the woman walking away, somewhat slowly with a limp over the hill
9:59:53 PM Søda Can: he follows, but he's still feeling a bit queezy and light-headed, so he can't really keep up
9:59:59 PM Søda Can: as if he's drained completely
10:00:54 PM Søda Can: when he catches up, he sort of tumbles over the hill and falls
10:01:17 PM Søda Can: "Arch your toes"
10:01:34 PM Søda Can: "What?"
10:03:25 PM Søda Can: the person he was following isn't the woman, but actually a somewhat taller young man with dark hair and a somewhat lanky frame
10:04:03 PM Søda Can: he repeats "When I was younger, I always had trouble coming down hills, so arching my toes helped me out a bit"
10:05:02 PM Søda Can: MC "That's uhh… nice to know, but why are you wearing my jacket and jeans?"
10:05:27 PM Søda Can: Young man says "what are you talking about?"
10:05:32 PM Søda Can: *turns around*
10:06:00 PM Søda Can: "I've had these for a few years, lady."
10:06:19 PM OSM: wha
10:06:24 PM Søda Can: He looks up to see someone that looks just like him, frame, face, everything.
10:06:40 PM Søda Can: "Lady, what are you talking about?"
10:06:50 PM Søda Can: The young man kneels down
10:07:11 PM Søda Can: and stares into the main characters eyes for a bit
10:07:19 PM Søda Can: then, he has this huge grin
10:08:09 PM Søda Can: "Come on, now. Let's enjoy this little game"
10:08:34 PM Søda Can: *stands up*
10:09:40 PM Søda Can: "I have to get to work, so I have to go." he cracks his neck and stretches his legs
10:10:36 PM Søda Can: "You should be alright, you've got off work yourself, but I'd check the bottom of the suitcase. it's gonna be a busy week for you, heheheh"
10:10:42 PM Søda Can: he walks away
10:10:58 PM Søda Can: our MC wants to follow, but he's too tired and can't keep up at all
10:11:39 PM Søda Can: he eventually gets in his car and drives home
10:11:50 PM Søda Can: confused as all fuck
10:12:19 PM Søda Can: when he comes home, his pet starts going off, like there's an intruder in the house
10:12:35 PM Søda Can: he throws it in it's cage, and goes to the bathroom
10:12:45 PM Søda Can: when he looks in the mirror, her freaks the fuck out
10:13:03 PM Søda Can: …he sees the mysterious woman in the reflection
10:13:29 PM Søda Can: aaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's all I've got for ya now
10:13:31 PM OSM: LOL
10:13:44 PM OSM: sounds like some psychological shit
10:14:02 PM Søda Can: I've got plenty of plot figured out, but that's all I have put together thoroughly
10:14:14 PM Søda Can: oh yeah, it's VERY sychological
10:14:19 PM Søda Can: *psychological
10:14:28 PM Søda Can: the ploy is this:
10:14:50 PM Søda Can: It's about taking your issues and problems, and even your depression
10:15:02 PM Søda Can: an dumping it onto others, bringing them to your level
10:15:10 PM Søda Can: "misery love company"
10:15:41 PM OSM: interesting
10:15:46 PM Søda Can: but at the same time, there's the positive psychological exploration
10:16:08 PM Søda Can: of walking in another person's shoes, living a life entirely different from your own
10:16:38 PM Søda Can: and even going as far as to explore the daily routines of the opposite sex.
10:16:43 PM OSM: so is this going to be an animation
10:16:49 PM Søda Can: oh yeah
10:17:07 PM Søda Can: a series
Have some Vivian Saunders for your time.

So there you go. I'll have a more in depth synopsis coming soon. I also have some pics, some "Project Wonderland", some SCREAM SHOOTER, and general news updates I've been holding off on posting (busy busy busy with PASMO Radio and other endeavors), so do what you should always be doing and KEEP YOUR EYES O-PEN~.

Hysterically Yours,
~The Søda Føuntain